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Mr. Custom Made services a wide range of clientele. Below is a gallery of some of our clients in their Mr. Custom Made Suits and reviews on their experience with Mr. Custom Made. Choose from Hundreds of Premium Fabrics For The Perfect Custom Suit. Schedule Your Fitting and Enter The MCM Suit Club Today! 


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Had a great experience dealing with Adam and Mr. Custom Made. I recently bought my first suit from them and needed it rushed because I was travelling for a holiday. Adam was able to have it expedited for me very last minute and saved my holiday weekend. Great customer service and great quality suit. – Adam B

The only suits I will be purchasing ever again! The owner Adam is one of a kind. I told him the type of suit I wanted and he delivered at a great price too!At first I was skeptical on how it would fit or feel. I’m not an odd shape but because of my height (5’5) I can never find anything that’s fits perfectly. I usually have to make alterations on pretty much the whole suit. But he assured me I would be completely satisfied with the suit once it was completed. I was!!! For the professionalism and knowledge alone I will be paying more visits!! The price is just a plus!!! Oh and for those who like new technology the body scanner he has to measure you for a suit is amazing!!! Makes you feel like a superhero, which you will feel like when you get your suit!!!! – Freddie 

Mr. Custom Made was not only a great personal experience from beginning to end, but the prices are impossible to beat. I am so happy with my 2 custom suits but jumped on custom shirts right away as soon as I saw the fit and quality of the product. Thank you again for such a great experience! – David K

I have had 2 full suits, 2 slacks, a cashmere coat and 4 shirts done by Adam and his team. They are of great quality and fits amazing! I am a bigger guy and hate how off the shelf suits fit. Mr. Custom Made has made a line that the average man can look good and spoil himself with some great quality fabrics. Their Italian fabric and dragon style jackets, AWESOME! Go check out their NEW 3-D technology and see what Mr. Custom Made has to offer! – Eddie B

Hands down best way to get suited up. I used to get the “bogo” deals at the generic men’s shops, but the suits were cut like cardboard boxes and the taylors were old Italian guys that don’t know what “slim fit” means. MRC suits are cut exactly how you vision them to be cut. Every event I go to with my suit I stand out from the crowd, people always ask where can I buy that suit! – R.M.

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